Bad writing

So this is my first post and I wanted to do something kind of weird. I decided to go on tumblr and find some prompts for my writing because writer’s block sucks and I want to get over it.

Prompt #1:

“Oh gosh, I’ve missed you so much!”

“Do I.. Do I know you?”

Did I know him? He kind of just came up behind me to give me hug. His hands were covered in paint of every color, but his voice had an air of familiarity. Like I just wanted him to talk to me forever.

“Of course you know me silly, it’s… Oh my gosh I’m so sorry,”

“No, no don’t be my shortness is easy to confuse with nearly every guy ever. It’s Will by the way. Just incase you ever mistake me for your incredibly lucky friend ever again.”

Oh god what was I saying, that sounded so incredibly cheesy. I could already see the puzzled look that I get ALL the time. See the dazed look on his beautiful, attractive… Oh geez this isn’t good.

How long had I been staring? Was it too long? Long enough to create an awkward silence? He’d already walked away by the time I realized I was late to class.

-Cut to 2 days later-

Everytime I saw a black sweater I thought it was him. A freaking black sweater. I had never, EVER noticed this boy before. Turns out he’s in my Spanish class and he really doesn’t smile too often. He keeps avoiding eye contact with me, even though I try and talk with him.But his hands are always covered in paint but never a drop on that god forasken black hoodie.

Yesterday I almost followed him home. His ride was late so I just silently listened in on their conversation trying to see if I could pick up anything on the person he mistook me for 2 days ago, but to no avail. Marcus says it’s a crush, but that’s completely not my style. AT ALL.


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