I don’t know what I’m doing but it seemed like everyone wanted another post and since I’m late I guess I could finish what I started, even though part 2 is never quite as good as the original. Also more pictures? I don’t know how to incorporate that but whatever, I’ll try. Here goes nothing.


My style is joking, and yelling and being a clown almost 24/7. And I can get just about anyone to like me. Except for him.

He has like this fun resistant barrier that I can’t seem to penetrate.

Always unsmiling even when I bring out the big guns. Always with the same black everyday. MAYBE I’M JUST UNLIKABLE. But who was the friend he was looking for?

He seemed pretty happy to see him. Someone important? A boyfriend? Brother? Cousin? UNCLE?

Who knows. Who cares.My life is ending anyway. Everything is going downhill and it’s just all snowballing on me for sure.

Maybe my life is-

“Hello? Anyone in there?”

It was Marcus, back to tease me about my love of boys in black hoodies.

“Yes, Marc? What is it now?”

“Well you know, man, my sister has horseback practice today. You wanna hang?”

See, whenever Marc’s adorable sister, Ana, has horseback we always chill in the stables and talk crap about everyone else like girls.
But sometimes we just sit in silence and I’m left to drown in my thoughts, which is what’s happening right now.

My thoughts are eating me alive and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. My very existence is falling apart on me and there’s almost nothing I can do to stop it.

Ana was almost finished practicing when Marcus told me the best thing I’d heard in years.

That guy is gay!

And he’s also available, so that works for me too.


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