Love is Crazay

Waddup you guys? Its your home skillet here with another unedited, unrevised story that is partially interesting. Ready? Break!

The sun was setting in a blaze of dark pinks and blues and purples. I was probably the prettiest sunset she’d see for a while.

Maybe forever.

They were on their way to rob a bank this lovely evening. The biggest bank in the city actually.

That wasn’t really saying much, considering they lived in a small town.

All 5 of them were both pumped and scared. 1 mistake and they’d end up in jail before they could get a cent. She was the youngest, no doubt the least experienced. She’d asked George, their leader, the love of her life, if he had any plans for this weekend, but she sure as hell wasn’t expecting this.

Maybe a movie or a concert. Something less criminal and more romantic. But beggars can’t be choosers and wives are loyal to their husbands.

Her entire world was going to be flipled upside down in a little less than 40 minutes.

Just enough time to bail and run while she has the chance.

And for a second that’s exactly what she wants to do. Then she regains her composure. The way she wants to go out will never work.

George and the crew would literally kill her. This was no longer an option. Just a fact of life.

And honestly, it wasn’t that bad.

The getaway car, an old yellow machine, was adorable and their plan was almost flawless.

She was to cause a distraction, while someone tranquilizes the guard at the back door and everyone else enters.

Then everything really starts to happen.

Hostages, guns, masks, spray painting the cameras, the whole shabang.

The sunset that night was amazing.

Just perfect enough to be her last for a while.

Well. That came from like nowhere, geez.


This is me, signing off


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