Lmao Why Do I Even Try?

Happy non-denominational holidays to all and what is up?? It’s your Favorite writer back with another real life topic. And this one is going to be reallly fun. Trust me. So let’s get to it.

2016 was a bad year. So let’s name a bunch of things that happened because want 201to dialready🙂

  • Donald Trump. There’s literally nothing else to say about this bag of rotting tangerines, there are only questions. questions like, why was he born?, what the hell is he doing as president?, who had the smart idea to vote for him?, and why the frickity frick frack is the electoral college a thing?
  • Harambe died. Harambe was a national treasure you guys. Who ever shot him deserves to serve life in prison.
  • Pulse shooting in Orlando. That one hit me really hard. I was crying for days, literally. It was really tragic and sad for me. I’m tearing up just thinking about it.
  • Bastille Day terrorist attack in Paris. This was really crazy. Everyone felt this one, all over the world.
  • Hurricane Matthew. I’m sure most of you forgot about the serious hurricane that Florida made jokes about, but Those who were affected, like the families of the 877 confirmed deaths in Haiti, I’m sure they haven’t forgotten it.
  • Brexit. I don’t really know what that means because I don’t care about European politics (sorry), but I know it was bad.
  • Charleston church shooting. The boy who shot those people in Charleston is in jail right now. And the crazed, psychopathic, racist, acorn should never be allowed to leave.
  • The Powerpuffs reboot. Like honestly, who thought that would be a good idea?
  • Berlin terrorist attack. Screw those people. All these terrorist attacks this year just get me really T-ed off. Like honestly, can we just chill the heck out with all this killing people???
  • The Jessie spin off series is still a thing. That show is not good and never will be. Stop trying Disney.
  • California wildfires. Thousands of acres of land were destroyed in the weeks that California had crazy wildfires. Think of the animals.
  • Police Brutality. This could be good or bad. Bad because why are the people we’re supposed to trust committing violent, stupid acts against those who they’re supposed to be protecting? Good because now it’s been brought to the attention of the public and raising awareness and we can try to do something about it.
  • Gravity Falls stopped. REALLY? All these other bad shows get to keep going but they shut down Gravity Falls. Just outrageous.

And here is a list of celebrities who died too.

  • Prince
  • Christina Grimme
  • David Bowie
  • Alan Rickman
  • Harper Lee
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Elie Wiesel
  • Gene Wilder
  • Carrie Fisher

These things are in no particular order. I don’t think that the powerpuffs is more important that police brutality, or anything like that. But with that 2016 did bring some good things. Here are a few since I’ve probably depressed you by now…

  • Rick and Morty season 3 release date announcement. I’m personally psyched about this one cuz I’m a really big fan (Please Dan Harmon sponsor me)
  • Harriet Tubman will be on the 20. If that’s not good news than I don’t know what  is.
  • The Cubs won the world series.Depends if you’re a fan of the Cubs, but it’s definitely good for them.
  • 93% of children can read and write. This is firggin amazing in every way.
  • 100th episode of Welcome to Nightvale. (SPONSOR ME PLEASEEE)

And finally

  • Leo won an Oscar.

So 2016 wasn’t all bad.

But it was mostly bad, so screw 2016. I hope it burns in the pits of hell.

This is me,

signing off


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