This world is cool

In this post I’ll try out a kind of new stylistic choice. Writing about a from 1st person, but with an attitude. Also everything in lowercase. I don’t know how this is going to work, but hopefully, it will turn out alright. Anyway, its your Favorite Author ™ and she’s going to give this whole idea a go.

the night was almost suffocating me, and i can barely see through this thick fog. how the hell am i supposed to escape?! this godforsaken ship is so disgusting and confusing, i could hardly stand to be here any longer.

and for crying out loud, why is it so difficult to find the bathroom?

i confronted the captain once about his  kidnapping skills, but he just told me to shut up, or he’d put me below deck for the rest of the time, i hate being above deck, but not that much.

there’s much that i can do now. just walk around in the dark and try to fathom the complete irrationality of this plan. it’s not like i’d be worth much anyway. i have thousands in outstanding debt from gambling…

the likelihood of someone actually wanting to pay off everyone who’s after me just for me to become their “servant” or “indenture” or whatever is extremely small. the conversion rate for the american dollar is getting higher, and not even these pirates have enough money to really “free” me.

who ever wants me is better off just leaving me to fend for myself. it’s not like i really want their help anyway.

but what if the captain is just going to keep me on board, and force to to work off my debt before he sells me?

ohmigod i didn’t think about that before. i was being so narrow minded.

holy crap.

i need to get out of here. Now.

Well anyway. That wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped for, but it’s something, yeah? so…

this is me,

Signing off



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