So your Favorite Author™ is back once again with clichés and stuff, so this one is about gambling and drugs and the life of like every dead-beat dad ever. Because why not.

He was banking on this bet. He just needed to win this round and he’d win back everything he’d lost tonight. It would all be worth it. But when the cards came out, it was game over.

A jack and a queen had won the match, but the cards most definitely weren’t his. He’d been dealt the worst hand. Two aces. with a combined total of two or twenty-two. The odds of winning with that type of hand were slim.

Laying on his back, he wondered just how bad it would get. Soon, the loan sharks would come after him and he’d have nowhere to go. All this gambling was getting quite ridiculous.

He could hear claws on the floor and mice running around, and he couldn’t think of anything better to describe his situation.

At the break of dawn, he set out, again, to the casino on the edge of town. It was known for having the most expansive pay-outs, but it cost a fortune to get in. Maybe an inheritance or two.

The bouncer wouldn’t let him in. He never did.

“I know you don’t have any money. Just go home and come back when you can pay.”

And that was that. He had no choice but to trudge away. His boss had an announcement to make at work that day.

He was fired. The only place that would accept his pis pore résumé had just let him go. Now he was really screwed. No income meant that he’d never win back all that he’d lost. No income meant that he wouldn’t be able to stay in his drafty apartment.

All the little things hit him hard in the chest.

He’d barely walked a block before he knew exactly what he’d do.

He was just going to keep walking.

He’d walk past his favorite bar. He’d walk past the place he used to call home. Past the place his love now called home. Past the casino he’d dreamed about so many times. He’d just keep walking past everything that ever meant anything to him. Until he reached the place that wasn’t worth anything, but meant everything.

All the while, he was smiling like a man who’d lost everything.

*spoiler alert* He kills himself in the end.

I wrote this super sad story because I haven’t written enough depressing things and sometimes life just doesn’t get better. Anyway,

This is me,

Signing off.


3 thoughts on “Anyways…

  1. I really like the story but the ending was so uncalled for. I probably didn’t get it because I’m not a very depressed person. Nice construction and execution. Writing flowed nicely and I was able to follow along closely without getting lost. The story also has truth to it. To end this on an abrupt note, good job!


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