Things I don’t.

Guys. It’s your Favorite Author and this is literally a list of things I don’t do. I have no idea what exactly this is supposed to mean, but it mostly means that I don’t do things.

  1. fuxks wit ghosts
  2. approve of the new rodrick
  3. immature
  4. write
  5. serious
  6. have a life
  7. weeb
  8. draw
  9. artistic impression
  10. depression
  11. health properly
  12. understand life
  13. have crushes
  14. fuxks wit fortune
  15. stand under ladders
  16. religion
  17. understand quantum mechanics
  18. broken bones
  19. get my ass kicked
  20. give good advice
  21. have experience
  22. not sleep
  23. school
  24. list
  25. act like a (garden) hoe
  26. do things properly
  27. breathe through my buttocks
  28. know how to drive
  29. history
  30. sing

30 things that I don’t do. Can’t do. Won’t do. And if you ever seeing me doing any of those things, you are mistaken. That is not me doing those things. It’s yourself in a different universe. You look an awful lot like me now, but whatever. It’s not my dream, it’s yours. Guess you think I’m pretty cool. Thanks I suppose, considering I don’t know who you are…

31. do drugs

Now you’re probably wondering, “Natasha, where is the freaking story, I came here to read a cliffhanger short story. Stop throwing me off course, I have things to do. Geez”

And to that I tell you, “Oh god I’m so sorry what have I done I’m so sorry oh god. What even is this, you’re right, you need a short story.” So stay tuned for a little surprise.

This is me,

Signing off.



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