An Update Before the End of the World

Today is April 7th of 2017 and everyone is talking about Trump and Syria.

If you came here expecting to talk about that then you don’t know how melodramatic I am.

Today is April 7th of 2017 and I am here to talk about SPRING BREAK.

Because I can.

A lot of my friends are going to places this time of year. For example,The Stamford High Winter Percussion just came back from Disney Land a few weeks ago. One of my best friends just returned from Norway. Another one is in London and another is in New York and a whole bunch of kids left from my school this morning to head to Guatemala. And to top it all off, my best friend will be spending most of her break in a day camp.

People. Going. Places.

I have never left the East Coast y’all. And I don’t mean it in an exotic way either.

When I was young, I went to Georgia to see my dad graduate from his military training. That was the first and only time I’ve been on a plane. I was there for 1 day that I can’t remember. I lived in North Carolina for a summer while my dad switched bases, and other than that the only other place I’ve been is to the city. (And to New Jersey to watch a close family friend play paintball at like 5 in the morning, it was interesting to say the least, but they didn’t end up winning.

So my first problem with spring break is my lack of money to go anywhere actually cool.

All the things left unsaid.

Mostly by me.

The last day before break is the most stressful for me in a social sense. Especially going to a school outside of my home city. Anything that I have to say after 2:30 on that day has to wait a whole 9 days to be said. If I don’t flirt back with that one guy in my Spanish class during a specific time, I have deal with me over analyzing our last interaction for the next 9 days, trying to figure out if I like him or if he likes me or if we’re just playing each other. I also have to figure out a way to activate my magical Hispanic flirtation skills because apparently that is a skill I have hidden down inside my Hispanic soul.

I also have to think about how one friend in particular has been more attached lately and how I should really be perceiving it.

So my second problem with spring break is every single social interaction I’ve had for the week pre-break.

My family is large and annoying. Ask anyone.

I have an immediate extended family of 9 people.

  • Mother (??)
  • Father (??)
  • Step-dad (Under 40)
  • Step-sister (13 I think, she doesn’t live with us)
  • Brother (12)
  • Brother (10)
  • Sister (3)
  • Brother (2)

Throw me in there, Sister (15), then you have 9 people and Oh Mi Gawd. I am the oldest child.

If you are reading this and you are a younger sibling,  get off yoUR LAZY ASS AND HELP.

A two day weekend is often times enough to push my patience to a limit without seeing anyone who is indefinitely on my side. “Oh, Natasha, why don’t you just go out to like the mall or something and do teenager things???” Well I will tell you reader. My parents do not trust me. And I’m not saying they’re wrong, but I am most definitely not saying they’re right. It just is.

So while I am trapped in my house for 9 days with friends who are either

a. Away on vacation

b. Don’t live in the same city as me, nice try figuring that meet out


c. just don’t care

I pretty much lose my mind. And so, I kind of need school.

I am Natasha Garcia and this has been my 600 word self assigned essay on why April break is super shitty.

(ALSO if you are Angie or Zuzanna and you just read all of this, plz hmu I want to write something with you so much)

Other than that…

This is me,

Signing off


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