Why Do I Love You

No time for introductions today either. Let’s just go.

It’s been awhile since I liked anyone but her. And the age gap doesn’t mean anything to me either. Nor does it to her, obviously, but that’s a completely separate story.

And all the while she doesn’t notice anything about me. Not the way I smile when I’m around her, or the way that I could pick her out of crowd of a thousand. She remains completely oblivious.

It’s not like it’s her fault either, I can’t expect her to really understand the capacity of my love for her. But I’m sure we’re split-aparts, shares of the same soul, stuck in different bodies. As for the age gap, it’s irrelevant to me.

I’ll wait a million years for her to be ready if I have to. And I’ll pick her again even in the next life if she decides to love someone else this time. The truth of these words shake me to my core and I can’t get rid of them.

Nobody can compare to her in my eyes. From her boring hair right down to her ugly ass toes. And I will never pick anyone other than her, ever. Quite honestly, she may even be my undoing.

Okay, Your Favorite Author is back as a real person who’s not crazy in love. I wrote this short story in like 7 minutes because I have problems in real life with “love” and someone very special to me is having a similar problem like this. You know the one. I will probably write multiple more parts to this story because I just have so much damn material to go off of and, warning, it’ll probably get pretty melodramatic.

Check out some of my other work (I’m doing revisions on old pieces these day), it’s pretty cool. Moving on,

This is me,

Signing off.

(Oh and P.S. this is a very good song that will probably be the summary of these pieces in the future Day6- “I’m Serious”)


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