This Won’t Work

It’s ya boy, back with more ridiculously stupid stories that have absolutely no relevance to anything really. But what’s the damage really?

Here, life was hard.

Especially when the book you were reading was cliché and boring. Or when the AC in the library was acting up, so your usual cool sanctuary was just a regular old hot sanctuary. Or when you left your phone charger at home.

All of these things contributed to making your day generally shitty and your life generally annoying.

But there were good things about your day too.

Like how even though that book had been cliche and boring, it’d still been pretty compelling. And how the librarian still had found a book she thought you’d like, even in the heat. There’s was way to make light of the charger situation though, that one was just outright annoying.

But the small positives contributed to making you want to change the way this day was going and keeping living your life.

Here, life kept going.



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