I’m Naturally Ugly?!1!?

What up fam vlog squad, She’s back at it with posting dumbass stuff again.

She as in me.

Fam vlog squad as in I am poking fun at youtube vloggers.

Dumbass stuff as a warning that I will curse several times in the videos below.

Actually nah. After reviewing the “vlogs” I decided to not do that thing and just take my docked points. Thanks, but no thanks Fortuna, I’m much too ugly to be on the internet like that. But I can offer something else; a rant.

Oh yes, a rant. I don’t think I’ve done one of those yet and it’s May,  so MAYbe cut me some slack.

I am in high school. A rising sophomore. Meaning my freshman year is coming to a close and there’s no better time to review than now. Especially since I just watched my senior friends “graduate” earlier today.

So this is a year in review; for the sarcastically inclined.

  • I rode a train nearly every freakin’ day. Wut.
  • I had a girlfriend for almost 2 months. That was certainly an experience
  • I learned that romance is for n00bs and emotions are waaaaay overrated
  • I finally fully formed my caffeine dependency. It had been in and out for a while before, but now I am utmost definitely unhealthily reliant on caffeine. Addicted, if you will
  • My parents found out about the girlfriend a couple weeks after we split, and I was prohibited from going to school the next day (it was Valentine’s day)
  • I became an “owned” freshman. It had something to do with  me being too smart and a senior seeing himself in me; I was (am?) “his” freshman
  • I learned some really crazy family secrets
  • Anxiety attack count: 1 (someone said midterms in the middle of the hall)
  • Anxiety attack count: 2 (my Spanish teacher told us that we have several presentations for our finals)
  • I cried while watching figure skating (Yuzuru Hanyu is too damn precious)
  • I’ve skipped class several times, and surprisingly, no one really cared
  • I have a “boyfriend” but we behave so weirdly, I don’t even know if that is an appropriate title…
  • I disowned my brain one time. That day got weird fast
  • I turned into a nice person.
  • Ms. B’s Japanese History class is actually not that bad. Although most people would disagree, I find I get to argue with people and I don’t get in trouble in the slightest
  • I realized that a lot of unnecessary drama really makes one’s life exciting
  • Procrastination is a sickness, but curing it can wait until tomorrow
  • I realized that I am the mom friend, not the badass friend; which was kind of disappointing because I always thought I was unrivaled in badass-ery, but I also kind of knew that I hate seeing people make dumb ass mistakes. I suppose I can settle for badass mom friend.
  • And last but not least, I realized just how much I really do love thinking critically and writing. Not in some type of weird nerdy sense, but just trying to figure everything out makes life a hell of a lot more interesting considering all the unknowns and possible outcomes, and writing out those possibilities is even more fun
  • I got really, super attached to a Japanese host student- HARU IF YOU’RE READING THIS PLEASE COME BACK

Reflection time

High school fucking sucks and upon imagining 3 more years of this bullshit I am instantaneously nauseous, but I am legally required to attend and therefore I must. At least there are other people suffering with me though. I’d hate to hate to suffer in solitary. The thought of there being so much for me to experience makes me angry at my lack of understanding, but there’s always a bright side. Or several bright people who you know will support you.

Shout out to:

The entire freshman class

Each of y’all are important in some way; stay wavy.

This is me,

Signing off



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