Why Do I Love You (2/??)

I’m back with a continuation of my last dramatic af piece, like I warned about in the previous part.These parts are completely unrelated, aside from theme so far, but they’ll connect eventually. Anyway, here it is….

I was supposed to be better than this, I wasn’t supposed to kiss him back either, This wasn’t apart of the plan. I felt like I’d heard these things a million times each.

Here’s the thing. We were still technically dating. There was no official breakup, we just completely ignored each other for a week.

So when my “boyfriend”, ran up behind me and started tickling me after not saying a word to me for 8 days, I was very surprised. Then again, I had looked especially nice today to try to get a rise out of him.

But the tickling was far from the end of the surprises. Oh, there were plenty more of those. Like when he told me that he missed me inexplicably, or when he asked for a kiss, and then asked for another one. Or when he bit my lip really hard, like he used to do before we stopped speaking. Or when he asked me if I’d hang around after school with him. And even when he’d left, he surprises didn’t stop.

Three girls walking in front of me were talking about what had happened very loudly, most likely assuming that I couldn’t speak English. I believe the exact words were, “It looked like something out of a movie. They were speaking really lowly and then she leaned in to kiss him on her tiptoes even in those heels. They were kissing and then he bit the shit out of her lip; it looked like it hurt.”

At which point I agreed and told them that it did hurt.

And the end.

This is me,

Signing off


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