I almost forgot this one

As promised the subsequent two chapters to my story, even though at this point you can’t tell what’s really happening, I still need a little bit of time to figure out what happens next (not from here, I have way more than this but these project snippets may be coming to an end soon ;-;.) I will update until I reach the end of the story, but depending on where I am it may just be another cliffhanger. Anyway, without further ado, my story:

Monday, November 1, 2:32 pm, Tokyo

This weather was the true meaning of dismal.

Kayrin was getting tired of standing. At the shiny bus stop, Kayrin was really starting to reconsider this trip to Japan. Meeting Yoongi really wasn’t necessary at this point in his career. A rookie at the company should’ve taken this job.

He supposed that this was better than sitting in the office running through twenty red pens in a day.

As the white and green bus pulled up, Kayrin immediately realized that Tokyo was not a quiet city.


Tuesday, November 2, 6:30 am

Tokyo buses were crowded and loud.

Full of students chatting noisily about their tests, and who was dating who, and typical school kid stuff.


The adults, most decked out in suits and ties, simply looked on, uninterested in the affairs of the kids.


It reminded Kayrin of his life back in Seoul. It reminded him of going dropping his sister off at the bus stop everyday, of his own days of schooling, of how Mimi would be going to college soon, and of just how much she didn’t need him anymore…


August 5, 5:56 pm, flashback


“Listen Kayrin, I’m not a little kid anymore. I know what I’m doing. I don’t need you right behind me all the time!”

She was crying. It was almost like she really meant it, but Kayrin could see it in her eyes.

She was scared.

In fact, she was almost terrified of the prospect of college. Mimi had always been a more sensitive type, she didn’t do well with sudden change. Kayrin was starting to get scared that she’d accidentally screw up her life, like he did his.

It was his job to look out for her.


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