The Internet is Dead and I am Crying

Today is December 14th of 2017 and today I’m sad to say that if things keep going this way, my blog will be dead soon. Because I’m a poor high school girl from a really poor family and we can’t afford to pay for the repercussions of the net neutrality repeal.  So if you’re reading this and it’s not too late, vote send a letter to your senator. Send a letter to another senator. It doesn’t matter your age, job, residency status, nothing. And there are pre-loaded letters so you don’t have to think about it, just do. This isn’t a game anymore, this is serious.

a site to send a letter

another one

Just in case you don’t know what net neutrality does yet, allow me to explain in the simplest terms possible.

Do you like youtube? Spotify? Google docs? Twitter? Instagram? WordPress?

Well net neutrality is what allows you to use those sites for free. And without it who knows how much you could have to pay to use these sites. And there’s no guarantee that they won’t be stuck in a slow lane anyway.

Are you a small business?

Well without net neutrality laws have fun paying millions of dollars to escape slow lanes that slow networking speed and user traffic.

Here’s a site that’ll explain it more thoroughly and in terms of the law

So this is me (maybe for the last time),

Signing off


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