I am sitting in study hall right now and have just under an hour until the school day is over. But here’s a list of things I’ve done since the last time we spoke.

  • I drank almost 40 oz of coffee within the last 24 hours and am preparing for death by caffeine overdose
  • Speaking of unhealthy drinking habits, I peed in a cup and left it in my room but the trash can. I can only hope that it doesn’t spill before I get home. I can only imagine the lecture
  • I slept literally 15 minutes today.
  • Why I slept 15 minutes: GAY ASIAN DRAMA MOVIES ON YOUTUBE. I am addicted to adorable BL movies on the interwebs these days and am suffering severely for it. Last night I was watching the Love is Coming movie and tonight I will be watching the sequel, Love Love You (THEY’RE NOT PORNOS I SWEAR)
  • Speaking of Asian drama, about 2 months ago I discovered this movie called “どっちもどっち” or Same Difference in English. This movie is an hour or so long and I have watched it 4 times. This is the fucking pinnacle of theater. Here’s a link. You’re welcome.  A Fucking Masterpiece
  • I got accepted into a program hosted by my school sending me to Japan for 8 days, free. So Kakehashi Project if you’re reading this, どうもありがとうございます!
  • I got sick of having a broken case and proceeded to hot glue a large part of it. It now looks like I stuck tree bark on a black canvas. And not in a good way.
  • I HAVE WRITER’S BLOCK AND CAN’T COPE. I think that my inability to write is directly conducive to my self-destructive consumption of caffeine, but I can never be too sure. Anyway, these deadlines are certainly helping me to bang out some stuff, even if I fucking hate it all.

And as for my last and final piece of information

  • I don’t want to be here. My mouth is dry, I’m out of coffee, I’m sick of the attitude, I don’t like 90% of these damn people here, and I just want to curl up in my bed and watch X-Men Evolution (a.k.a the best fucking cartoon to come out of America since animation was invented).

So anyway, I am thinking about


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