Story Continuation Because I’m Not A Liar

After my life update somehow became way more extensive than I thought, I was tempted to just lay off the pre-planned story and leave it at that, but I am extremely extra and already missed my very first deadline- so I must add another few chapters.

Tuesday, November 2, 4:37 pm, real time

Kayrin was getting a call. It was from the publishing office.

There was no way this would turn out well, they were supposed to leave him alone on this vacation.


Friday, November 5, 4:48 pm

Min Yoongi.

Kayrin had read his work before. It wasn’t the best it could be.

Now he had to meet with him. Go over his new manuscript and discuss the course of action he’d take to publish and advertise for his book.

Kayrin just didn’t understand. Yoongi had his own agency, and his own editor and his own everything. He probably already had a course of action laid out for his latest crappy installment to his series, “Water Eyes”.

Kayrin really wasn’t too psyched to be working on his manuscript on his vacation. First off, he didn’t even like his work to begin with, and now he had to edit and help Yoongi come up with a plan to sell it.

This vacation was going great.


Tuesday, November 2, 4:37 pm

Yoongi was sitting quietly on the bus, wonder who his new publishing agent would be. He’d decided to leave his company because his editor was too pushy about her ideas and he just couldn’t take it anymore. A phone rang. The man standing in front of him answered the call, he looked seriously annoyed.

He rolled his eyes,”What do you need now Colin? You were supposed to let me take  a break in peace this week.”

This Colin must’ve said something he didn’t like Yoongi could see him tense up.

“You already know how I feel about his work. It just doesn’t seem right to me. The attitude is all wrong and the word choice is piss-poor.”

After a few seconds he sighed, obviously frustrated, “Colin, I want double pay for this and if it interferes with my vacation time, I’m coming for you first, do you understand me?”

He practically bashed in his screen tapping the “end call” button, and ran his hands through his hair.

The man was young, maybe mid-twenties, but he spoke like he had the knowledge of ages. And his attitude seemed really off, just a second before the call he had a gentle look on his face, gazing out the window. Yoongi couldn’t help but wonder just what was making him so mad.


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